Alan & Babette Sainsbury Family Charitable Fund: Grant ranging from £5,000 – £25,000

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Alan & Babette Sainsbury Family Charitable Fund: Grant ranging from £5,000 - £25,000

Type of project: education and young people’s employment and projects which promote freedom of speech or advance peace and reconciliation
Location: sub-Saharan Africa
Eligibility: registered charities may apply
Grant size: £5,000 – £25,000

How to Get Started

The majority of applications will not be funded, since the amount of money asked from the trusts much exceeds the amount of money available.

The trustees want to deter organizations from spending time and money on applications that aren’t within the scope of the trust.

Only registered charities or activities with a clearly defined charitable objective are funded by the trusts. Individuals, tuition costs, or trips are not directly supported by any of the trusts.

Small Grant for NGOs - proposalforNGOs

lan & Babette Charitable Fund, Headley Trust, Jerusalem Trust, JJ Charitable Trust, and Three Guineas Trust will examine submissions if they fit their areas of interest. These are the areas of interest as a whole:

In the United Kingdom

  • Southwark has a number of arts and education initiatives.
  • Human rights and civil liberties
  • Projects that are useful for people with autism
  • Support for the elderly and their caregivers
  • Family well-being
  • Work with teenagers
  • Christian education, evangelism, media, and art are all important aspects of Christian ministry.
  • Literacy
  • Dyslexia
  • Inclusion in schools
  • Environment, food, and money are all topics that need to be addressed.
  • Archaeology
  • Industrial, maritime, and built heritage conservation
  • Ceramics from the United Kingdom are for display, for study, or for purchase.
  • Regional museums and galleries, including curatorial assistance and the acquisition of locally significant artefacts
  • Cathedrals and important churches are being restored and repaired.

Indio is offering funding through its Community Grant/Sponsorship Program

Outside the United Kingdom

  • Anglophone Sub-Saharan Africa’s healthcare (especially maternal and infant health)
  • In Anglophone Sub-Saharan Africa, access to secondary and postsecondary education, particularly for females, is limited.
  • In Anglophone Sub-Saharan Africa, more quality education is needed.
  • South-East Europe, Turkey, and Ethiopia are all working to preserve their cultural heritage.
  • Ethiopian Trachoma Prevention and Treatment
  • In Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran, Christian evangelism and relief efforts are underway.
  • In Africa, community-based agriculture is a viable option.

The Alan & Babette Sainsbury Family Charitable Fund: Grant ranging from £5,000 – £25,000

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